"Collection Jner" 2015

The collection “ Jner ” by Flavia Eleonora Michelutti reminds as of the past and of the Victorian Age.
Geometrically shaped necklaces and brooches with an apparently austere language.
The elegance of the hand-made processing conveys an aesthetic of the imperfection, the uniqueness of each jewel.
The colours become pure pigments possessed by the full and empty forms of her work.
Agates and jaspers become here textile, strongly evocative jewels. Pure and significant shapes expressing image that belong to both memory and nostalgia.

"First event on textiles: for a new interpretation of an innovative use." 2013

The new collection of jewelry "Corpi Solidi" of Flavia Eleonora Michelutti offers small sculptures: to wear, to hang or to display.
Polyhendrons and continuous segments are made with colored hand woven linens or with delicate papers or strings.
Architectural structures in tension are build with extreme perfection and balance to expand the sensation of a warmth feel.
The collection "Clouds" of Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, ex production Kvadrat, wants to change radically the use of textiles.
A modular textile system that becomes design and tri-dimentional form for a new typology of interior decoration.
Any one can become architect/designer/craft men for its own interior planning to create sculptures adherent to the walls, hanging from the ceiling or growing out of the floor.

"Fuoriposto" 2013

For the 9th “Giornata del contemporaneo” Senzatempo., with the collaboration of Martincigh's bookshop, opened the exhibition “STRADA MAGGIORE” (casa Arcangeli) by Giuseppe de Mattia.
Photographs that fix the traces of the pictures on the walls, of the bookshelves, by this time empty, of some valuable objects, have been on show as a memory of Arcangeli's family before they will be completely forgotten the day after the clearing out.
These artistic objects will convey a strong relation to the memory of the house.