"Think Work Observe, Posters" 2016

The exhibition started during the ‘Giornata del Contemporaneo — XII Edition’.
Think Work Observe is a graphic design studio based in Udine (Italy), founded in December 2011 by Piero Di Biase and Alberto Moreu. We work on commissioned projects in the commercial, cultural and editorial field covering all areas of print and interactive design, with a strong focus on typography, including design and distribution of a range of typefaces. Our fonts have been used by several designers around the world, and are featured in well known publications and blogs.


The collection "FRAMES & EDGES" of Claudia Steiner.
Brooches,earrings and necklaces draw and frame, in their linear shapes,the simple purity of empty space. Jewels are like small elements taken from architecture that can represent in their essence, the beauty of balance.
Men’s rings have the raw material of ancient architectonic work, they can convey their structure and power also with the lightness of aluminium.