"Buon Natale" 2012

A collection of precious objects created with attention and in small scale by a dedicated and artistic handicraft.
Simplicity and naturalness of the forms are in the colour of oxide copper and of the cobalt blue in the pottery by Luca Nardini.
In the warmth of the wood and the light in the lamps by Marco Venturini.
Limited edition by Martincigh's bookshop will stimulate the imagination by reading them.

"Gianni Osgnach" 2012

Jewels, artistic items, furniture, collected to illustrate the rappresentation and research of a communicative intuition.
The creations are made with innovative materials in order to distinguish themselves and to create an original sensibility at the border between art, design and high handicraft.

"Fuoriposto" 2012

"in fra tra” were created by Rocco Ogsnach for “Giornata del contemporaneo”.
Pencils and indian inks on paper, mirror surfaces and art design to feed our imagination.
Artist’s and rare books are edited by Martincigh's bookshop.